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Cherry Blossom Mambo



Burlesque with a BANG!


Appearing in a cloud of pastel Ballons, Aphrodite DeVine is the epitome of a cute, but sassy lassie! With many a Pop, Squeeze and Bang, she shimmies and shakes, bumps and grinds her heart out to Perez Prado´s tantalizing Mambo tunes!


Length: 4:45 min

Style: Classic Balloon Pop Comedy Burlesque

Music: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White/ Perez Prado & Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White Twist/ Perez Prado

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s Cherry Blossom Mambo!

photo: Verena Gremmer


Space Hopper 



photo: Verena Gremmer


She´s mean, she´s green, she may or may not come in peace!


Travelling through space in her flying saucer, Aphrodite DeVine lands on a distant planet to stretch her limbs, unroll her tentacles and to bat her many beautiful eyes at you!


Length: 5:09 min

Style: Extraterrestrial Comedy Burlesque

Music: Star Trek Original Theme/ Alexander Courage, Dennis McCarthy, Jerry Goldsmith & Space Hopper/ The Space Cadets & Cadet Walk/ The Space Cadets

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s SPACE HOPPER!




photo: Emilia Lyon


She´s a 5 ft. pocket rocket!

Emerging from a glittery dynamite stick with burning fuse, Aphrodite DeVine shakes loose her corset & bra! Tassel-twirling and booty-shaking she rips off her G-string´s beaded fringe, to reveal a rhinestone-encrusted flame merkin! 


Length: 3:38 min

Style: Comedy Burlesque with lots of shimmy & shake!


Music: 99 Pounds of Dynamite/Buddy Stuart & Great Balls of Fire/ Jerry Lee Lewis

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine at Vienna Boylesque Festival


Winner "Most Explosive" Award at Como Lake Burlesque Festival 2016!

Viva Bavaria!


photo: Verena Gremmer


Her Royal Bavarian Naughtiness!

White, gold and blue - the royal colours of the bavarian sky! Ribbons and Lions! Contains Can Can and Feather Fans, Yodeling and Tassel Twirls, all set to traditional bavarian tunes! Watch this naughty bavarian princess strut her stuff on her hunt for burly stable boys!


Length: 5:24 min

Style: Bavarian Style Comedy Burlesque

Music: Galopp/ Blaskapelle Herbert Ferstl & Third Man Theme/ Anton Karas & Ich wünsch mir einen Jodler/ Tiroler Volkstümliche Musikanten

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s VIVA BAVARIA!

Jack in the Box


photo: Verena Gremmer


The clumsy clown with the heart of a stripper!

Confetti! Red Noses! Clumsy Cuteness Galore! Aphrodite DeVine has the audience in stitches with this Circus inspired Burlesque Act! Rousing tunes, a classic Pierrot costume and a furry finale mark this act an all-time audience favourite!


Length: 5:20 min

Style: Circus Comedy Burlesque 

Music: Minuet/ Juke Box Tunes & Jack in the Box/ Clodagh Rodgers

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s JACK IN THE BOX

The  Housewife


photo: Verena Gremmer


The World´s only dance on a Giant Bucket!

Ladies, hold on to your men! Aphrodite DeVine is fed up with her daily household chores and looking for some good clean fun (pun intended)! Watch her bask in the spotlight and twirl her tassles one at a time atop the world´s only Burlesque Bucket! 


Length: 4:07 min

Style: Comedy Burlesque with German song lyrics

Music: Das bisschen Haushalt/ Barbara Schöneberger


Video link: Aphrodite DeVine at the VIENNA BOYLESQUE FESTIVAL

Special Jury´s Recognition at Vienna Boylesque Festival 2015!

The Last Unicorn


photo: Verena Gremmer


OMG, she´ s so fluffy!!

You´ll never know if you´re crying with emotion or with laughter when witnessing Aphrodite DeVine perform the glittery metamorphosis from plushy unicorn to scrumptious showgrrrl with a cheeky wink and a sudden jolt!

Contains a Unicorn Glitter Fart!


Length: 4:23 min

Style: Comedy Burlesque with a cheesy 80s twist

Music: The Last Unicorn/ America & Wind of change/ Scorpions & I want to break free/ Queen & Bad Boy/ Miami Sound Machine & Bad Reputation/ Joan Jett

Video link: Aphrodite  DeVine´ s THE LAST UNICORN

Just a Gigolo


photo: Verena Gremmer


Can you say Ma-Cheese-Mo?

Adonis DeVine is a man. Very much so. A Hero even! But deep inside, he´s just a Gigolo... He´ll single-handedly rescue a drowning love-doll, flirting with the Ladies all the while, stripping down to all his hairy glory and a tassle-tastic surprise ending!


Length: 4:59 min

Style: Gender Bending Comedy Burlesque 

Music: Summer Holiday/ Cliff Richard & Hero/ Bonnie Tyler & Just a Gigolo/ Dean Martin

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine at the AMSTERDAM BURLESQUE AWARD

Steam Heat



photo: Verena Gremmer


It doesn´t get any hotter than this!

Contact lenses and eyeglasses fog up equally when Aphrodite DeVine rises from her steamy sauna bath! This is a comedic take on the classic bathtub routine made famous by the old time burlesque legend Lily St. Cyr!

Can be performed in a light pink or mint green colour scheme.


Length: 4:10 min

Style: Comedy Burlesque take on the iconic bathtub routine

Music: Steam Heat/ Ella Fitzgerald

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s STEAM HEAT 

Extra: This act can be booked with live music by a 5-piece jazz band!

Corpse Bride


photo: Verena Gremmer


The Bride from Regions Beyond!

So cold, so fine, so fair...and yet so hot and sassy! Aphrodite DeVine bumps and grinds her way out of the crypt in this creepy-comedic take on classic burlesque routines. This act is set to a wellknown jazz tune, with a blacklight feather fan finale.


Length: 5:13 min

Style: High Glamour Classic Burlesque with a creepy New Orleans Jazz Flavour

Music: St. James Infirmary/ Tim Timebomb & St. James Infirmary/ Paul Lenart & Billy Novick

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s CORPSE BRIDE

Extra: This act can be booked with live music by a 5-piece jazz band!

The Jellyfish


photo: Verena Gremmer


The white hot creature from the deep blue sea!

Floating and gliding through the abyss, Aphrodite DeVine emerges from her shimmering  jellyfish bell, to reveal an elaborately embellished showgirl costume. As jellyfish go, there´s lots of jiggling, wiggling and tentacle-twirling!


Length: 3:56 min

Style: High Glamour Classic Burlesque with a Comedic Twist

Music: Beyond the Sea Instrumental

Video link: Aphrodite DeVine´s JELLYFISH BURLESQUE

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