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Velvet Voyage Burlesque Show

Velvet Voyage Burlesque is the show series produced by Munich´s pioneer burlesque troupe The Filly Follies.


Since Summer 2011 the show series has hosted all sorts of Burlesque, Comedy, Live Music, Circus & Sideshow Arts with national and international guest stars in lots of differents productions.


Past guest stars include Vicky Butterfly (UK), Soa de Muse (FRA), Russell Bruner (USA), Champagne Sparkles (CAN), Lou on the Rocks (SUI), Jacques Patriaque (AUT), Velma von BonBon (UK), Wanda de Lullabies (FRA), Scarlett Martini (ITA), Ferkel Johnson (GER), Tronicat La Miez (GER), Golden Treasure (GER), Robert Allen Johnson (USA), Red Hot & Sharp (GER), Luke Dimon (GER), Ben Profane (GER), Katrina Kontorsion (GER), Xarah von den Vielenregen (NET) and many others.


Velvet Voyage is hosted by The Singing Chameleon of Burlesque, Elsie Marley (GER).

Regular burlesque performers are ChiChi Bouvet, Diva DeSaster & Aphrodite DeVine (The Filly Follies).


You can watch Velvet Voyage live four times a year at Theater Drehleier in Munich. 







Most of the productions can be booked either as excerpts or evening length shows with or without guest stars for your corporate, birthday, wedding, hen night or any other party. Theater productions also very welcome! Please enquire here.


You can catch a little glimpse of the Velvet Voyage shows below. Enjoy!


Velvet Voyage - Walk on the Wild Side

Velvet Voyage - Creepy Castle of Burlesque

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